The Scottish Harp Anthology 3 (Book)

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The Scottish Harp Anthology Volume 3: Advanced - Compiled and Edited by Ailie Robertson: A collection of arrangements and original compositions by a selection of the finest performers, arrangers and teachers currently working in Scotland. The arrangements are suitable for advanced players (Grade 5-8) and will provide a delightful addition to any harpist's repertoire. Ailie writes: ".....I wanted these books to represent the wealth of talent that we are so lucky to have, and to give a taster of different peoples' arranging styles and new compositions."


  1. Cheyenne Brown - On the Wings o'a Skorie
  2. Gillian Fleetwood - Jack 'a Tar/Evan's
  3. Maeve Gilchrist - The Seagull
  4. Rachel Hair - The Belfast Hornpipe
  5. Corrina Hewat - Elmo Lives Downstairs
  6. Emily Hoile - Theid Mi'n Ceann Loch Aluinn
  7. Tristan le Govic - Fear Dhuin Mhoir
  8. Mairi MacLeod - Pipe Major Donald Maclean
  9. Mary MacMaster - The Red Jacket
  10. Karen Marshalsay - Helen's Farewell
  11. Mari Louise Napier - In the Summerhouse
  12. Rachel Newton - The Last Minute
  13. Hannah Phillips - The Spanish Ladie
  14. Ailie Robertson - Sands of Hosta
  15. Fiona Rutherford - Lines on the Map
  16. Patsy Seddon - Carnie's Canter
  17. Wendy Stewart - Glencairn
  18. Fraya Thomsen - Mor a'Cheannaich/Mo Clarsach Trom Ur
  19. Heather Yule - Mrs MacDonald of Clanranald

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