So its been AGES since I updated any news here, but there’s been loads going on in the last few months.

Lets see … well July and August were spent with The Outside Track on a fantastic tour of Canada – we had a total blast and some excellent gigs and festivals. Our next plan is a UK tour in november, and also making a new album which will be released in Jan 2010! All very exciting. Check out www.theoutsidetrack.com for more details on all this. Also our facebook page has photos and you can ‘become a fan’: http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/The-Outside-Track/20715062302?v=info&viewas=0

I’ve also had some really nice solo gigs – Up in Gairloch for West Coast Arts, at the Museum of Scotland as part of the fringe, and more recently in Lochgoilhead for the Fiddle Workshop. I’ve also become involved with an exciting new project called Komposit, where I’m playing the harp part in a new composition by Bob Dickonson. Check out the project at: www.myspace.com/kompositfirebird

Next week I’m doing some session recording with a singer-songwriter called Joe Lynch so looking forward to that.

Anyway, hope you’re all well and I promise to update more regularly!