Reviews of ‘Curious Things Given Wings’

The reviews of ‘Curious Things Given Wings’ by my band The Outside Track have been arriving, and we’re delighted with the response we’ve been getting! Here’s some highlights!:

“Wow and Wow again! This is the best new group we have heard in quite a while. Stunning. This album is just the beginning. Wow! (Did we already say that?)” – From Tradition In Review

“simply a consummate blend of skill, talent, flair and intensity. Best of the best! The perfect blend ” – Folkwords

“They are obviously having a ball, and you can almost see them smiling as they reach the final chords” – Taplas Magazine

“The music takes flight the moment the CD is put in the CD player, and hits you immediately with its constant impact and drive” – Ireland Journal

“Their arrangements are imaginative and the playing is faultless. Celtic music – full of energy and virtuosity!” –

“This quintet has evolved into a powerful focused group. Curious Things Given Wings – an intriguing title for an enthralling CD which sets The Outside Track on a very promising course, highly recommended” – Irish Music Magazine