The Outside Track have just been on an amazing trip to Cape Breton for the fabulous Celtic Colours Festival.

Cape Breton has incredible traditional musicians around every bend, weekly ceilidhs, the Highlands National Park for hiking, the best oat cakes in the world (sorry Scotland) and the annual Celtic Colours International Festival and my good friend and band-mate, Mairi Rankin.

It was truly an honour to be invited to play at Celtic Colours with The Outside Track and I very much hope we are invited to go there again in the future. If you love Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton music, whale watching, spectacular scenery, lobster, good company (and if you don’t mind driving a little), you should book your flights to Cape Breton for Celtic Colours 2011. You won’t be disappointed.

Tourist talk aside, we had a wonderful time in Cape Breton. The Outside Track was well-received; check out one live review here that describes us as “an amazing new powerhouse group…The Outside Track has the makings of a new supergroup”.

The Outside Track played in St. Peters, Inverness, Richmond and Port Morien playing alongside some of the best musicians in the Celtic music scene these days such as T with the Maggies, Beólach, Brendan Power & Tim Edey, and Doug MacPhee & Carl MacKenzie. When we weren’t playing concerts, we were at the festival club, sleeping or eating.

For those of you who haven’t been there, the routine at Celtic Colours is; wake when you have to, eat & get dressed (in that order) drive to concert, sound check, concert, drive home, straight to festival club until 4am, session until 6-8am, full breakfast, back to sleep, and all over again the next day…Exhausting, but very very fun.

It was so lovely, I could go on writing for ages. Quite simply the best trip/tour I’ve been on this year.